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Latest News

Xmas 2018 Opening times
The office will be closed from Christmas Eve (Monday 24th December) and will re-open on Wednesday 2nd January 2019. All at Oakes Insurance wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019

Using a phone whilst driving fines double on 1st March 2017
Almost 40% of Motorists are unaware of the increased penalties that take effect from 1st March 2017

Winter is coming
Here is some advice for bad weather

"crash for ready cash"
A warning about a new scam...

Say goodbye to the paper licence....
From next Monday 8th June 2015, the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence will not be valid or have any legal status. The DVLA will stop issuing paper counterparts and are advising drivers to destroy existing copies.

Oakes Insurance Sponsorship
We have again agreed to be a sponsor for Sandiacre Town Cricket Club for 2015

Someone appreciates us....
It's not often that a client takes the time to say thank you but when they do it's comforting....

Do you own bike?
Would you like it security marked? If...

Change of Office hours
From 1st October we shall be changing our office hours:

Warning to those who use a mobile phone whilst driving....
If you get caught using a mobile phone whilst driving your insurance premium may rocket.

Goodbye Tax Disc
Latest news from the DVLA in regards to the abolition of the tax disc.

Oakes Insurance sponsored cycling race team lead the way
The East Midlands 2014 Regional Club Road & Track league makes pleasant reading with Oakes Insurance sponsored team leading by a huge margin.

Oakes Insurance happy to help out with a world record attempt
We have agreed to be one of the sponsors of a Guinness world record attempt

First win of the season for Oakes Insurance sponsored road race team...
Perkins triumphs at Barkstone Heath

Beckingham Palace bought by Hastings chairman for £11.5m
Neil Utley has bought the seven bedroom mansion from David and Victoria Beckham

Beware the Black Box!
The hidden truths about 'black box' car insurance

Christmas Closing
We hope you all have a great Christmas but don't forget to renew your policy before 24th December........

MIB launches new service for crash victims to check policy details at roadside
But some insurance details may not display for valid reasons

Financial Conduct Authority launches probe into price comparison sites
Regulator to assess transparency and fairness

Judge orders £51,000 to be confiscated from cash-for-crash conman
If Kevin Heartbreak defaults on compensation payment to Aviva his sentence will be increased

Britain's home owners risk invalidating insurance
Insurers may not pay out if poor maintenance leads to damage

Warning - new 'flash for cash' insurance scam
Criminals gangs tricking motorists before intentionally crashing into them

One in 12 drivers lies to insurers
Survey reveals high number of policyholders giving false information

So you think your car insurance premium is expensive.....
Driver quoted more than £1.2 million to insure his Corsa

Oakes Insurance sponsored Road Race Team
The newly formed Beeston Road Club race team start their season

Beeston AFC narrowly lose Notts Intermediate Cup Final
In a tough match Beeston AFC eventually lose 2-0

Beeston AFC in Cup Final
Beeston AFC Sponsored by Oakes Insurance compete in the Notts Intermediate Cup Final

Beeston AFC win league title
Beeston AFC clinched the Division One league title in a hard fought draw

Association of British Insurers (ABI) demands medical checks for whiplash claims
New proposals aimed at reducing whiplash epidemic

Man City's Tevez charged with uninsured driving
Striker formally charged by police

Transport Committee to launch whiplash inquiry
Insurance industry faces yet another inquiry with findings set to be published in the summer

Durham cash-for-crash scam added £100 to local car premiums
60-strong gang faked accidents to claim on insurance

It costs each policyholder £118 for whiplash claims
Aviva's report sets out solution to Personal Injury claims inflation

Ageas defeats £100,000 personal injury fraud case
Investigation revealed false claim four years after crash

Flood-prone homes facing £10k excess
Some high-risk households could pay excesses of up to £20,000, according to AA figures

UK floods costliest in five years, says Aon
Aon's report reveals November was also a costly month globally

Jail for travel insurance fraudster
Swindler used frying pan receipt to support travel insurance fraud

Government to unveil whiplash plans
Justice secretary Chris Grayling will launch consultation on creating independent medical panels

21st December is D Day
Car insurance costs set to rise for young women

Martin Clunes has been axed from TV ads after actor is handed driving ban
The Doc Martin actor was disqualified after reaching the 12 penalty points limit and Churchill have revealed they'll be going with someone new in 2013.

Protecting your property during the Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations
There is traditionally a rise in intentional malicious damage caused to properties during Halloween and Bonfire night.

Car insurance premiums 11pc lower than a year ago
Motorist are paying almost 11pc less for their car insurance than a year ago, research suggests.

Ageas fight fraud.
Ageas has signed up to the Syndicated Intelligence for Risk Avoidance (SIRA) anti-fraud database from Synectics Solutions.

Aviva sues Warwickshire Police in car storage row
Aviva case could save the industry millions

Time for brokers to rise above the customary bashing
Brokers are not offering the same as internet quotes.

Don't forget your breathalysers
New legislation in France from 1st July 2012...

Insurer sees rise in brand thefts 'to order'
LV= research reveals Apple, Samsung and Sony among the most popular targets

Oakes Insurance Sponsored football team reach final
Beeston AFC II sponsored by Oakes Insurance reach the final of their league cup

Flood - Homeowners facing zero flood cover threat
Flood damage bill expected to top £1bn mark for the first time this year

Have we the weakest necks in Europe?
Liverpool: whiplash capital of Britain Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) figures show rates as high as 22 per 1000

It is estimated that 1 in 10 homeowners do not have adequate home insurance
Report suggests 650,000 homeowners have no buildings or contents cover.

Thatcham, the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre, says braking technology will drive down whiplash
AEB systems proven to cut personal injury claims and accident damage: Matthew Avery

Association of British Insurers unveils plans to solve whiplash epidemic
Whiplash claimants need undeniable evidence: James Dalton

BBC’s Watchdog slams motor insurers over renewal hikes
BBC consumer programme Watchdog has hit out at insurers for hiking renewal rates while offering cheaper deals for the same cover online.

Another kick in the teeth for motorists
HM Revenue & Customs to charge VAT on police reports just when the Government are trying to help reduce motor premiums!

Do you drive and use your hand held mobile? If so here is a warning
Insurers are cracking down on motorists who are caught using mobile phones by increasing premiums by up to 60% at renewals.

Women face £362 increase in insurance costs and 20% increase for life cover
Last year's EU ruling means women will lose their benefit of having fewer accidents and for living longer....

False home insurance claims rise 17% year-on-year
AXA Personal Lines says it has noticed a continued rise in the number of people exaggerating home insurance claims.

David Cameron pledges action to cut car whiplash claims
David Cameron has said he wants to work with car insurers to reduce claims for whiplash and bring the cost of premiums down.

Last year’s sudden flurry of snow, ice and plummeting temperatures led to 268,000 motor insurance claims and a 25% increase in vehicle breakdowns.

Please be aware that there is a weather warning that increasingly severe night time frosts will continue to affect most of England.

The Financial Regulator, the FSA slaps £2.2m fine on Direct Line and Churchill
RBSI insurers tampered with customer complaint files before submitting them to the FSA The FSA has imposed a £2.17m fine on Churchill and Direct Line for tampering with customer complaint files. The RBSI-owned firms tampered with 27 files, which were “altered improperly”, before submitting them to the City watchdog.

Quarter of UK properties risk losing insurance
End of government-industry deal poses threat to cover in flood-risk areas

Costa Concordia ‘biggest ever marine loss
Espirito Santo analyst puts loss at up to £653m

New addition to our team.
Robert Rankin joins Oakes Insurance on the next step of our journey.

Winter has arrived
Water Damage - don't let it happen to you. Some advice ......

Average uninsured driving fine is just £200
The average fine imposed by courts on people caught driving without insurance is £200, according to new figures.

ABI gets tough on young driver accidents
Association proposes restricting driving hours

Travel insurance firm announces plans to cover intergalactic tourists
If you thought the cost of travel insurance was out of this world, prepare for the next frontier, where a policy for a space trip cancellation might set you back 700 euros.

Allianz detected fraud rockets to £50m
Allianz detects three times more fraud than 2007

Metropolitan Police seizes 300 uninsured vehicles
This swoop is the first of new commissioner’s dedicated operations to tackle problem

Middle-class family jailed for LV= personal injury swindle
LV= puts private investigator on accountant faking disability who had help from her family

Car Insurance Premiums down
2.3% reduction in premiums for September

£2m 'cash for crash' gang jailed
A team of criminals who made nearly £2million pounds from false crash claims through fraudulent accident management companies have been convicted.

Motor Insurance - Jack Straw declares war on postcode pricing
Jack Straw has launched a bid to ban post-code risk pricing as part of a wide-ranging package to tighten up the regulation of motor insurance.

Office of Fair Trading looks at car insurance premiums
The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has said it will look into recent reports of rising UK motor insurance premiums.

Regulator warns of phoney Gibraltan motor insurer
Gibraltar regulator the Financial Services Commission (FSC) has issued a warning to the UK public regarding Unique Car Insurance.

So you think your car insurance premium is expensive.....
Bradford MP David Ward criticises cost of car insurance and claims car insurance premiums are so high in some parts of the city that people can no longer afford to drive.

Britons 'territorial' over parking
Many Britons who regard their home as their castle are also pretty proprietorial about the parking spot outside their house, according to a poll.

How to avoid car insurance fraud
We’ve all heard the stories and been amazed at the incredible audacity of the insurance cheats – the people making fraudulent claims and bumping up premiums for the rest of us.

Association of British Insurers reveal detected fraud up 9%.
Insurers detected 9% more fraudulent claims last year than in 2009, the ABI has revealed. Figures published this morning show that insurers uncovered a total of 133,000 bogus claims in 2010- 2,500 per week.

Legal & General responds to crime survey stats
Correlation between recessions and spikes in burglary?

Overseas stag parties put revellers at risk
Stag and hen parties held overseas can lead to more serious after-effects than bleary eyes and a hangover, new research by a major travel Insurance comapny has revealed.

Minister wants specialist flood insurance
The flooding minister has said he wants to encourage the creation of a specialised flood insurance market to help customers in areas at greatest risk of inundation.

Oakes Insurance sponsor local cycling team
Continuing our theme of helping local sports such as football and cricket we have agreed a 2 year deal to provide sponsorship to the IOptix Racing Team

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) backs FSA comparison sites clampdown
The regulator issued new guidance to the aggregators yesterday following a review last year showing failures by the comparison websites to comply with its rules on arranging insurance contracts

Financial Service Authority issues warning to comparison websites
The FSA has written to price comparison website firms to check whether they are treating customers fairly and in line with their permitted activities. The letter highlights concerns the FSA has around the fair treatment of customers by the aggregators.

Foreign Office warns - do not skimp on travel insurance,
Britons visiting family and friends abroad without travel insurance are risking hefty medical bills, the Foreign Office (FCO) has warned.

Association of British Insurers (ABI) call for an end to whiplash culture
The ABI wants a clampdown on ambulance chasers and claims farmers that its claims have turned the UK into the 'whiplash capital of Europe'.

New braking systems to slash whiplash injuries
Tens of thousands of whiplash claims could be nipped in the bud by the introduction of revolutionary new braking systems, new Thatcham research shows.

Direct Line blasts 'misleading' comparison websites (Aggregators)
Direct Line has joined the chorus of critics who claim price comparison sites are misleading.

Industry forks out £1m for motor campaign
The insurance industry has paid around £1m for the new advertising campaign, due to kick off tonight, to encourage motorists to take out cover.

Half a million male drivers swap penalty points
More than 500,000 male drivers have admitted to passing their penalty points on to another person, a new report reveals.

Have you tried us for your motor insurance?
Our motor rates are competitive. Include us on your quote list!

Good News - Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)
The banks have conceded defeat in their attempts to challenge a High Court ruling in favour of claims about the mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI) being applied retrospectively.

Oakes sponsor cricket club for the 2011 season
Once again Oakes Insurance are proud to help local sports club

Oakes Insurance to the rescue..........
When our local chamber of trade received a cry for help from a local school, Oakes Insurance stepped in.

Insurance brokers warn burden of regulation is bigger than tax
BIBA (British Insurance Brokers Association) has warned that the regulatory burden imposed by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) on the insurance broking sector is a greater competitive disadvantage than the amount of corporation tax it pays

Are you a first time landlord?
If you wish to let your property..

And a little more good news about motor rates..
Car insurance price rise slows

Identity fraud continues to rise
Identity fraudsters are increasingly applying for loans and credit cards, with instances of insurance fraud also rising.

Banks STILL won't pay up on insurance mis-selling to thousands of borrowers
Insurance brokers like us are paying for Banks mis-selling payment protection insurance

At last a bit of good news...

Weird and Wonderful Claims
Claims from one of our partner companies, Aviva....

CANNABIS FACTORIES : Warning to Landlords
Aviva reports spike in cannabis claims and warns landlords to be vigilant as claims soar by 30%

We are all paying £30 extra for uninsured drivers
Driving uninsured is widespread in the UK, new research suggests - and adds £30 pounds per year to every car insurance policy.

Eastern European immigrants insurance scam
A scam which allows Eastern European immigrants to drive without insurance is sweeping Britain.

European Court of Justice
from 21st December 2012 women drivers are likely to see their insurance premiums increase significantly

Employers' Liability Tracing Office (ELTO)
From April 2011 New FSA regulations requiring insurers to publish data on employers' liability policies and new claims made against EL policies.

Driving licences and endorsements
12 month period of grace removed

Car Insurance Fraud
We can all help reduce our insurance costs

DVLA Reminds Motorists of New Motor Insurance Law
The DVLA in conjunction with the Motor Insurers' Bureau (MIB) and the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) are reminding drivers that a new law to be rolled out in late Spring .......

Crackdown on uninsured drivers
Lower premiums for the honest motorist?

Increased legal requirements for the motorist
Compulsory Breakdown Insurance?

To claim or not to claim that is the question.....
The implications of making a claim from your policy

Am I covered?
I have comprehensive motor insurance. My policy covers me for everything!

Unusual Policies
American Footballer insures his hair

New Quote Facilities on Website
Our Website now includes "quote and buy" facilities